28 and counting

So last week I turned a horrible number that I can barely stand to say, and hate to even type…I don’t know why this birthday is the hardest for me to swallow.  I feel like there is so much I have accomplished in these years and yet still havent…30s are scary to me, for many reasons…one of them being that it is the age when most CFers are in their latter years…Oh, Ezzy I pray that you will not be one of them.

I have made mistakes and learned from them, gained and lost friends, grew closer in my walk with God, and daily learn the meaning of uncondtional love and grace that God gives me through the gentle reminder of trying to be a proverbs 31 wife and mother, in this broken world that tells me I can’t ever be.

I woke to sleeping in until 9am!!! How on earth was I able to do that after being conditioned to wake up at 6:30 EVERY morning since I have joyfully accepted the title of mom.  Blinds were pulled, pillow over my face, and a loud fan was going to block out the construction noises coming from my little family.  I was greeted with bfast in bed and then had to deal with my first dilemma: whether or not to join the family or to stay and eat BY MYSELF…after a few swigs of coffee and a facebook post I decided to brave the kitchen.  I was serenaded by my family and gladly ate the rest of my cold bfast and soaked in the greatest part of getting older.
I had personally set a goal for my bday…since Richard took the day off I decided to try and beat my personal best time on a 5K run through the neighborhood, in hopes of telling “28” to go and eat its self.  I waited until I knew I wouldnt up chuck all the delicious crepes richard made me and got ready to go.  Right when I put my shoes on I had a little shadow behind me with big puppy dog eyes…”mommy can I go running with you?”… “honey, mommy is going to go and run a 5k” (he knows the running lingo since his parents have decided to run every family fun run this town has offered this year) “but mommy, can I just run a 1K then…please…just a 1k and then you can run the rest?1?”
How could I say no…so there we were trolling at a pace I would have been embarrassed to run infront of others.  I looked down to see how his little legs and lungs were handling it and he looked up at me with a huge smile and said “mommy, I love you…happy birfday!!”
You know what, I may not have beat my personal best time at a 5k that morning but I was still able to say “eat it 28!”  If I get to be blessed with my family EVERY year I get older then bring on the candles

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