Defying the Odds

Since july 27th we have been waiting, watching, and praying for Ezzy.  Her lingering cough finally had an experiation date and our pulmonary doc at Seattle Children’s said it was time.  From that date until August 30th Ezzy entered one of her toughest battles since her diagnosis. She was on antibiotics during that WHOLE time and worst of all was put on steriods…STERIODS, the 8 letter bad word now in our family.  We were literally waking on egg shells around her, just to survice from day to day.  They made her moody, unpredictable, and in an almost constant state of tantrums…sounds like a typical 2 year old right?  Well just like steriods make a body builder bulk up…the steriods made her tantrums bulk up.  The downside of antibiotics also has challenging side effects as well: decreased appetite, stomach ache, naseous, dizzy, headache, dirrhea…these were just the ones I noticed or was able to get out of my 2 year old’s limited vocab.

We thought that she had finally beaten this nasty bug, saw a light at the end of tunnel.  I was SO excited to see her run and play with her brother and not get winded or hear her wheeze.  We entered this 3 day holiday weekend with plans of coming out of seclusion, something we do EVERY time she is sick.
We woke up to the children letting us sleep in till 8!!! I then shortly heard Ezzy whimpering.  I went and picked her up and she proceded to whine and lay limply in my arms.  I thought she had just woken on the wrong side and started to pick up the house while Richard slaved away on breakfast.  The next thing I realized was her curled up under the table sleeping.  When I woke her she said her tummy and back hurt…she shortly after climbed into her bed and started to sleep heavily. She didnt even stir when I was listening to her breathing with the stethascope.  I tried to get her to drink some water and she wouldn’t.
A call to the oncall pulmonary doc at Seattle Children’s sent richard and I into auto pilot mode.  A trip to the ER was on our itenerary…the doc told us she was concerned Ezzy was fighting a super bug and would most likely wake with a fever.  We were told she mostly likely need IV fluids and to been seen ASAP.  Heart pounding, mind racing, tears whelling up in my eyes, I found myself crying out to God.  I knew I couldn’t make a decision or move unless HE was there telling me what to do.  I also knew that we needed help, thank goodness for faithful friends who believe in the power of prayer.  After texts were sent out and offers to watch the other kids or responses they sent the prayer request to their resources in other cities, states, and nations we were ready to go.
I went to Ezzy to wake her and touched her back. She immediately sat up, almost flew out of bed.  I asked her if she was thirsty.  Richard went and got her water and she downed the cup.  Then asked for something to eat.  She scarfed down the food and then all of a sudden was talking to her brother and then turned to me and said excitedly, “mommy, no more back hurt!”.  I turned to richard and we both gave each other the look that meant “hold it together, don’t cry.
The child that was limp in my arms and almost non responsive shortly before going to bed is now running around the house,  playing with her pony, kissing her baby sister for the 100th time today and picking on her brother.  The scary, sick, CF child we saw this morning that we believed was the start of our eminate future in the life of CF was just a flash.
John 14:27 “peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let if be afraid”
All i know is that when we went into auto pilot mode, when we called out to our maker, the mighty HEALER, and when we asked for prayer, handed over our fears were were left with a PEACE that only HE can give and best of all child who is meant to defy the odds

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