The #3 who is learning WHO she is

“I am at a loss with her, she is M-O-O-D-Y all the time, I don’t know how to handle it”

“you know what I started to do with my little one?” “I started telling them who they are in Christ”


“I didn’t tell them or identify their negative behavior as part of who they are, I only told them who they are in Christ’s eyes and something changed”

…This my friends is why having soul friends is SO critical when raising your children.

I love Kyrene more then I can adequately put into words. I have heard the gentle small voice telling me “she PRECIOUS, she is a GIFT, she is just what we NEEDED.
SO after a recent trip…who am I kidding, we just got in on the last flight last night, I am digesting the positive reinforcement I was kindly given by my kindred spirit.

Kyrene Grace is 3 yrs old today. I don’t know where time has gone. I have been looking out over the dark purple mountains that are being engulfed by the teal sky thanks to the encompassing cold brisk air and day dreaming of a conversation with my kindred spirit 3 yrs ago on a day similar to today. We talked, she heard my heart as I anxiously awaited the birth of our surprise baby. My friend who had been waiting for the blessing of another child rejoiced and squealed when I told her the shock of the double pink lines. She reminded me that God loved me and trusted me so much to bless me with another little soul, even if I didn’t ask God for this GIFT.

Kyrene is different then the rest of us. She is unpredictable, a trait that Ezzy, Cayden, Ya’el and I do not posses. You never know where you stand with her. One day she can wrap her arms so tight around your neck that you know her heart can’t contain the love she has for you. Other days she can sit across the table, eyes and arms crossed and have a stare that makes you shift in your seat uncomfortably, just ask Kalli. Richard and her go toe to toe on a regular basis. All those struggles I have had with her big sister and being asked “how does it feel to look in the mirror?” now give me the chance to ask Richard the same thing.
Aside from the strength God has placed within her tiny little body, I see a girl unafraid, unswayed and better yet courageous to do things against the norm. Kyre doesn’t do things half way, she goes all in, no holding back in EVERYTHING that she does.

I had a church member recently tell me that felt like they were given a golden star because Kyre was willing to sit and color with them and talk. She realized that Kyre needed to develop a relationship with her on her own terms and so she has patiently waited for Kyre to let the walls down this last year. It was the highlight of her week she told me.

Kyre has been adjusting in her own way to not being the baby. It hurts, how do I know?!? Because she tells me in little ways. Ways that make my heart wallow in guilt if I am not careful.
But how could I blame her?

She was the first baby to down right refuse solids, only wanting to get her nourishment from her momma. We were ecstatic when she finally took some solids on her first bday! She would stiff arm her daddy when he came near to her, fearing that he was going to take her from the place she desired above all else, momma’s arms.

I have watched her grow in independence. Become a little momma and boss her siblings around. When she makes up her mind on how things should be she instructs us all, making sure we attend to her grand plan.
You can trust that if there is music on, she will run and find the dress that will spin the most and will dance like it is her last chance. She will get so lost in her creativity that I will stop what I am doing and actually believe the emotions she is pouring into each twirl, sway or dance move.

She recently led worship in our living room, speaking about “G- sus” and then asking us to stand and raise her hands while she sang. My heart was soaring at that moment to see that we are raising another Kingdom child.
I have been recalling the moment she was placed in our arms, the moment I realized that God knew our hearts where calling for another soul to entwine with, even if it wasn’t conscious.

Well since our trip to see my bestie, Richard and I have been doing the technique that my friend shared with us. You know what?!? It’s working. The fit or tantrum that she would normally dive head first in is broken before those intense emotions that she is feeling at the time call the shots. We literally see her eyes refocus as we tell her WHO SHE IS IN CHRIST while leaving out who the world wants her to be.
Don’t we all need to know who we are in Christ? Wouldn’t it change our motives, thoughts, interactions and dreams, if we were called exactly what are hearts long for?

I am grateful for the fact that God decided to sneak little miss Gracie Poo into our lives. She brought moments of laughter as we traveled with her and Ya’el this last week. She gave us the opportunity to start anew with no offenses in regards to our parenting choices and forgave us. I am challenged to love the way she loves. To cling to her convictions that press her to do things. To laugh and smile so freely that her dimples sink into her cheeks.
With a thankful heart I am entering another year of being her momma. Blessed with the chance to lead her to Christ and his unconditional love that will cover her as she learns who she is in Christ. The number 3 never looked so good! Happy birthday Kyre Grace!

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