I have to first admit that my love of crafting most definitely comes from my mom. The woman who was a preschool teacher for many years before my sisters and I came along, taught Sunday school all through my years growing up and also taught elementary in my later childhood years. I loved to craft and picked up hobbies like crocheting, free hand sketching, or scrapbooking in my teens and college years.

My friends had to smile and act surprised when I crotched them scarfs one year…or worse all the 19 family members that had to graciously accept my CHRISTmas present of hand-made pjs (thanks to a hormonal pregnant decision one day to learn how to sew just for presents).

Since Cayden entered my life, there were many things that I had to let go of, one of them being crafts. It wasn’t something I missed, or better yet, had the time to miss. But when the holidays would start to approach over the years I would get a little sad that I didn’t have the time. We could barely get Christmas cookies made and decorated. Especially since Richard and I apparently don’t know how to contain ourselves and ended up with both girls having their birthdays amid thanksgiving and christmas. Now that they are getting older I have found some time and new found interest thanks to Pinterest…hey that rhymed!

Pinterest has changed my life! Not just in the cooking department…whole other blog, but also in the crafting department!

Our first craft was salt dough ornaments…I have memories of making these as children in school or at home with my mom. It was so easy and fun to do. We had our dear friends the newsoms over and had sweet baby Jonah join in the fun!


My plan had been to do the same for the big kids but use their hands instead. I soon realized that their hands were going to make the oranments too big and heavy. Thankfully, Kelsey, who introduced me to Pinterest…thanks Kels…I have lost so many hours of my life to that site 🙂 She told me she had seen some adorable hand print santa ornaments on her pinterest. Thankfully I’m not intimated by a little need to paint 🙂


One tradition we started last year, again thanks to pinterest, was to make a canvas painting. Last year we did handprint Christmas trees, this year I found an adorable reindeer footprint one. It was NOT easy getting 3 little ones to keep their foot still enough to get a identifiable footprint…I almost walked away in frustration. Yes, I know, horrible, but sometimes the perfectionist in me is so hard to contain…thankful Richard told me to get over myself and love the imperfection kids bring. Just what I needed to hear:) When I was finished with painting the antlers and putting the year at the bottom, the top of the print needed something. Thankfully I saw a super cute idea on pinterest to make Christmas lights with thumbprints, so I added those to the top!


My last Christmas project was making Christmas shirts for my kiddos and Jonah James. I had seen an idea on Pinterest to use ribbon and just lay them flat in the shape of a tree and sew on. Richard told me he thought I should ruche(sp) them…thanks babe…I can barely sew in a straight line! So there I was spending over a hour trying to figure out how IN THE WORLD to make the ribbon ruche. Frustration and tears were taking over so I put the shirts away and decided to wait till the 3 yr old tantrum in me would be gone. The next morning I awoke with an idea and it worked!!! Yay, I had to hand stitch them by hand due to not having anywhere to set up a sewing machine that wouldn’t be inspected by 3 inquiring little minds.


I have to admit it was alot of fun, and yes work, to make these shirts. But I had so much fun, knowing all to well, I was accomplishing a right of passage that many moms accomplish. I gave up nap time and stayed up late, and poked my fingers a few too many times, I now understand why the thimble was created! I would smile and have visions of the 4 little people who I love dearly wearing these shirts, smiling and thinking they were “cool”.

More importantly as my sweet precious babies + jonah james, our honorary harney wore these to church yesterday a few days after the horrendous tragedy that happened in CT, I realized that I need to be more willing to give up “my time” to do things for the people I love. To make sure that they know how much I love and need them in my life. Today Im thankful for the safety we have here in our small community, thankful to have my son in school that hasn’t pushed God out, and thankful to hug and kiss my children daily. Best of all that God entrusted them to me and lets me wake up each day to their smiling faces!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

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